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December 15, 2021

Winner Announcement
December 31, 2021

Paul Haarman

About Paul Haarman

Paul Haarman is a seasoned private equity investor, wealth advisor and entrepreneur with over 30-years’ experience in high net worth blueprinting. Having battled various health issues, including cancer, he is a fighter who personally never loses hope, and professionally never quits.

Through his Renaissance Empowered Companies, Paul educates clientele on how to feel empowered as financial decision makers. His priorities are to help establish self-sufficiency, financial literacy, and a blueprint for acquiring and building wealth.


More About Paul

After Renaissance, Paul founded Private Equity investor Shift Capital. Shift creates wealth building opportunities within the private sector. These opportunities are known for their third-party strategic alliances. With Shift Capital comes the experience of the Shift Evolution. Through this platform, Paul and his partners educate Middle America through ShiftEvolution.com – the aim is to create a community that demystifies the secrets of venture capital..

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December 15, 2021

Winner Declear

December 31, 2021



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Paul Haarman
Paul Haarman
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Paul Haarman
Paul Haarman



Paul Haarman Scholarship

Paul Haarman is the Managing Director of Renaissance Empowered Companies. During his 30 year career, h has also been a private equity investor, wealth advisor and entrepreneur.

More about Paul Haarman Scholarship

Paul Haarman understands the difficulties that students seeking their university degree experience. For this reason, and many others, he has established the Paul Haarman Scholarship. The award will help three talented students cover the high cost of tuition…
The three deserving winners of the Paul Haarman scholarship will see a deduction in their tuition accounts of $1000 each. The award winner will have written a creative essay of 700-850 words addressing the following questions:
Describe a background story that is essential to who you are

Students who apply for the Paul Haarman scholarship must:
• Be currently enrolled at an accredited US college or university as a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior
• Submit the essay based on the question noted above.

Award amount:
• The Paul Haarman scholarship will present three one-time awards of $1,000.

How to apply:
Students must provide the following information via email, with their essay attached.
• First and Last Name
• Telephone Number
• Mailing Address
• Email Address
• Expected year of Graduation.
• University or College where currently enrolled
• Most recent GPA
• Biography of 200-250 words.

All submissions must be received by December 15, 2021. The announcement date for the winning candidates will be on December 31, 2021.

Selection of the winner
The winning candidate will be informed via formal email. Funds will be sent directly to the financial aid account of the winning students.


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