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About Paul Haarman

Here, in Paul’s blunt, unique, empathetic style, he shares some thoughts:

“The wealthy do NOT keep things a secret, they merely do things differently. Most of America is simply unaware of what this looks like. Shift is the first and only member-driven community of its kind, open to anyone, in any income range or class. It has been established for those looking for a safer, faster, better way to thrive.”

“It is true that the affluent do things differently, but it’s not what you think. Anyone in ‘Mainstream’ America can apply the same exact strategies that ultra-wealthy individuals use. So, what’s the difference? Education… Knowledge… First is knowing WHAT to do. But simply knowing is NOT enough … One must then takeAction! By using a simple formula, which we refer to as EASE, one can reach new heights and levels of success.”

Educate + Analyze + Strategize + Execute = Optimal Success (Shift Warriorhood)”

Paul utilizes three decades of market experiences, and the tools of modern finance to build unique portfolio strategies. While domestic energy and multi-family real estate is his core of his interests, he is always on the look-out for other undervalued situations.

Pure commerce aside, Paul’s true passion lies with his involvement in Contribution Capitalism, and it’s strong “Pay it Forward” message. This evolving platform involves the repurposing of someone else’s trash into marketable eco-friendly products.The groundswell of interest he witnesses here puts a smile to his face, and optimism for the future of society to his heart.