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Paul Haarman Suggests 3 Business Ideas That Require Less Investment

Do you want to run a business but there is one problem that is not allowing you to build your business empire – and that is MONEY!

To eliminate this problem, Paul Haarman suggests 3 businesses that would help you start a business – with little investment or even none!

If you have a tough schedule or no money, this could be a side business that would allow you to get some extra income.

1. Paul Haarman Suggests Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business that you can start with a little investment too. You can buy your required stock, pack it up and then ship it. It is taking the business market by storm and is an easy-to-manage idea that does not cost you a fortune.

In dropshipping, the model that is applied is the fulfillment one, and you have to send your inventory to a third-party store. As you send the inventory to them, they are the ones that ship the supply to the customers. The best part about this business is that you do not have to be involved in all the hassles of shipping, tracking, etc and that it is scalable along with being budget-friendly.

You do not have to put any time into handling the products, just make the sale and ship the parcel to the supplier, that’s about it!

It is the least expensive way to start a business. You can keep your focus on any desired theme and work accordingly. For instance,  you can choose gear for workouts and stock up with all the gym requirements.

When a customer adds your products to the cart and hits buy, you will get the order. It is your duty to make sure that the order is stocked, packed, and shipped to the supplier.

You can market your product and provide excellent customer service and reap the best benefits out of this business model.

According to Paul Haarman, dropshipping is a great business idea that you can opt for, especially if you are short on cash and can not invest much in the business.

2. Paul Haarman Suggests Content Creation

With the trend of social media gaining rapid popularity, content creation has captured the interest of a wide audience globally. Creative geniuses can take advantage of this and can use their skills and talents to construct engaging content that is admired and adored by the audience.

3. Paul Haarman Suggests Blogging

If you have a knack for writing, you can start blogging and earn some bucks with it. With the lowest income, you can get a huge profit due to this.

For your investment, you need to have polished writing skills, a fast and steady Internet connection, and a PC or laptop. It is a simple idea that can generate a good amount of profits for you.


According to Paul Haarman, you do not need to focus on money and think of ways that you can start a business with what you have. These are three business ideas recommended by Paul Haarman for you to try out.

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